Nom de Bébé’s Privacy Policy

The only data from this app that I store is a list of your favourite names associated only to your sharing code presented in the app—this data is 100% anonymized from the beginning and is only stored for the sole purpose of facilitating partner name sharing. I don’t use any third-party services that store or access your data (apart from the app store that you downloaded the app from).

Nom de Bébé purposely does not include any tracking code, advertising code, or even bug reporting code. It simply isn’t there—you can check the source code for yourself if you don’t believe me, or even take it a step further and compile the source and run the binary without ever touching my binaries. I don’t collect your email address, or any other such identifiable data. The only data available to the Nom de Bébé app is data that you either input directly yourself, or generate through use of the app. Nom de Bébé collects and generates the following data, and only the following data:

With the exception of a ranked list of your favourite names associated to an anonymous sharing code, all data collected and generated by the Nom de Bébé app remains solely in a database on your device until such time as you manually export the data, or some subset of it—in which case, the data you choose to export will be presented to the mobile operating system to be “shared” with whatever app you choose. At no point in this process do any third parties have access to this data, with the exception of the host operating system and the third party app to which you choose to export the data if you use the “export names” feature.

The ranked list of your favourite names is uploaded to a server I control through a secure (HTTPS) connection, and the data transmitted to and from this server is limited to:

There is no protection for your ranked favourite names other than the obscurity of your sharing code—if your sharing code is made public, anyone may read your list of favourite names. Do not share this code with anyone that you do not want to share the list with.

This policy is subject to change, however in the event of such a change, the Nom de Bébé app will notify you of:

  1. The intended changes
  2. The reason for the intended changes
  3. A date for when the intended changes will come into effect

If you have any questions about this policy, you can contact me at: